Thursday, 30 October 2014

Know About Skin Cancer

Continuous increase in number of patients diagnosing with pre-cancerous and cancerous skin diseases have brought a lot more awareness in people. It is important to be aware of such type of cancerous diseases because skin is the largest part of human body that protects body from numbers of harmful external elements. Everyone must have knowledge about skin cancer, its causes and symptoms and prevention so that risk of such killer disease can be eliminated.

Basically, skin cancer is of two types. First type is malignant melanoma. This skin cancer is less common but is more serious and deadly. This type of cancerous disease is itself referred to as ‘skin cancer’ sometimes. And type two is non-melanoma skin cancer which is very common but not so serious. Non-melanoma skin cancer is again categorized in two sub-types. Type one is basal cell carcinoma also known as BCC in short. And, type two is squamous cell carcinoma also known as SCC. A number of much rarer non-melanoma skin cancer subtypes exist too. Known under-recording of non-melanoma skin cancer incidence is there because many cases are treated in primary care. Or some are treated privately. That is the reason non-melanoma cases are not so notified to the cancer registries.

Let’s now understand what causes skin cancer:

  • Number one and the main reason causes skin cancer is Sun-exposure. Direct contact of skin with sunlight or harmful UV rays is the main cause of malignant melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers. Each year thousands of cases of malignant melanoma are linked to excessive exposure to sunlight and use of sun-beds.
  • Protect your skin from harmful and strong UV rays or sunlight. Cover exposed skin when you go out in sun. Use of SPF lotion or sunscreen cream helps protecting skin from UV rays and sun-damage.
  • There are other factors that influence the risk of skin cancer. The chances of skin cancer are more in people with light eyes or hair. Those who sunburn easily or do not tan have an increased risk of skin cancer. Sudden and weird appearance of moles or spots on body can be cancerous. Moles with unusual shape and large size, or a lot of freckles on body have a higher risk of malignant melanoma.
  • So it becomes important to know your skin. This would help you detecting any sudden changes in your skin. So that you can approach medical health professional for further medical assistance if required. There are many skin clinics in Sydney where expert skin care experts offer medical assistance for such cancerous diseases, and offer different types of treatments as well.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Points to Consider to Find Skin Cancer Clinic

Medical experts recommend people to go under skin screening to eliminate the risk of skin cancer or to detect the skin cancer, if there, at an early stage. Many people find difficulty in deciding where to go for a skin check. Well, it is important to find out about the services offered and the expertise of the staff at medical clinics. Nothing to worry about how to find skin cancer clinic to undergo examinations! There are some main points to consider while deciding where to have your skin checked:

•    Qualification of staff – there is nothing to shy about asking or confirming what is the level of qualification of staff working in clinics. In fact, in reputable clinics, they provide information and details about qualification & experience of staff and expert doctors as well, in some way or other.

•    It is important to ask and confirm skills and experience of the person who will examine you? And do the expert and staff have any extra training in skin examination!

•    Costs – Confirm what the consultation fee is and skin screening examination-fee. Charges and fee may vary from clinics to clinics and experts to experts. But, many reputable skin cancer clinics are practicing such tests and check-up at very affordable cost. You can easily find out a clinic where cost effective medical services or assistance are offered. Ask them what costs may be involved for the initial consultation along with for any follow-up treatment you may require. Skin Cancer Clinics in Sydney offer variety of services fee arrangements for patients.

•    Diagnosis and treatment – You can ask and confirm what type of diagnosis procedures and treatments are being practiced by experts in clinics.

•    Ensuring Information and follow-up provided – This is also an important point. You should confirm whether the information and follow-up of your tests, examinations and treatments is provided by experts or staff.

Skin Cancer clinics offer the latest digital technology to assist in examining skin spots. There are some clinics offer options of bulk-bill for the initial consultation; on other hand others require upfront payment. Depending on what is more convenient for you, you can decide a clinic to go and get the examination done. Internet is always a source for you to search for available skin clinics in your location, city or state.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Cancer prevention tips and finding skin cancer experts

Cancer prevention is important

Have you heard conflicting reports about cancer prevention? Probably you may have heard about it! Cancer prevention is a topic which is still evolving. What important is to take best care of everything that can be a cause of skin cancer or cancerous diseases. In skin cancer cases, generally early detection of cancer can escape patients from such deadly disease. But prevention is better than cure, is not it? Nevertheless, it has been proved and well accepted, not only by medical professionals but by every one of us that chances of developing cancer are affected by the lifestyle choices we make. So in simple words, some simple lifestyle changes can make a big difference.

Let’s understand some of the important points for cancer prevention:

•    If you use, avoid using tobacco or don’t use tobacco because using any type of tobacco puts you on a collision course with cancer.
•    Eat a healthy diet and stick on it. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, limit fat and avoid drinking alcohols in too much heavy amount.
•    Be physically active because maintaining a healthy weight might lower the risk of various types of cancer.
•    For skin cancer prevention, do not expose skin to direct sunlight. Protect skin from UV rays.
•    Use SPF with 30+ to protect skin from harmful UV rays, exposure of skin in sun and UV rays has been the major cause of skin cancer.
•    Know your skin, if you detect even a tiny change in your skin such a mole or spot that is irritating, painful or bleeding, do not avoid it. It is call for you to go to see doctor for skin cancer screening.

Well, even after taking care of all preventions and precautions, if you are diagnosed with cancer! It becomes important to find an expert doctor and treatment facility for your cancer care. In Sydney, several skin cancer and care clinics are offering best of the health care services. The team of surgeons is highly experienced and highly expert. They conduct consultation session with patients diagnosed with skin cancer disease so that they can provide the best of the treatment for patients. There can be many sources to find the best expert skin cancer specialist. You can always look for a second opinion and choosing a treatment facility.