Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Types of skin cancer

Skin cancer happens to be one of the most common skin related problems that people living in places like Sydney encounter. The problem affects both men as well as women in equal proportion. More than a million people get affected by the disease and there are scores of factors which cause this problem. These include excessive exposure to sun light, frequent use of tanning beds, improper immune system and others. That is the reason why there are scores of skin cancer clinics in cities like Sydney as a lot of people are diagnosed with this problem every single year.

The problem is caused when the cells present in our skin begin to multiply in an abnormal way. Their growth becomes uncontrollable that often leads to the development of a mass called as tumor. Sometimes these tumors appear on the skin in the form of minor lesions and they are usually malignant in nature. These tumors often destroy the surrounding cells and grow uncontrollably. Not only this, but they also infect the blood stream and have a devastating impact on other organs as well, especially during the later stages of this dreadful disease called skin cancer.

Skin cancer can also be divided or classified on the basis of the speed with which they spread around. Melanoma and non melanoma are the two types of skin cancer. Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that tends to have an effect on the so called melanocytes or skin cells of our body. Non melanoma, on the other hand, can be further divided into Basel cell carcinoma and Squamous cell carcinoma. The former has an adverse impact on the lower epidermis or the outer layer of human skin. The latter, on the other hand, tends to have an effect on the flat cells, also known as squamous cells, of our skin.

Basal cell carcinoma is a localized sort of cancer as it tends to remain restricted on a limited part of the skin rather than spreading to other parts. Melanoma, on other hand, is a more dangerous or risky because of the fact that it can easily spread to the other areas of the body as well.

If you have recently started seeing some abnormal growths on your skin or discoloration of the skin in certain areas, then you should visit your nearest skin cancer clinic in Sydney to figure out if the problem is serious or not. 

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