Sunday, 19 April 2015

Skin Cancer Prevention

A little of sun can warmth our body! And the sunlight relaxes our body! It certainly boosts our spirits but have you ever thought of the dangerous side effects that come with these benefits of getting a little sun. Sunlight – Ultra Violet Rays – is the main cause of skin cancer. Yes, there is a continuous increment in percentage of people with skin cancer or getting diagnosed with skin cancer. We need to be very careful when we venture out in the sun; there are some precautions and preventions that we must follow to make sure we are not at risk of developing precancerous or cancerous skin disease.

• We should avoid getting in the sunlight when the sun's rays are usually strongest.
• This is true that we cannot cancel our plans and avoid works just because the sunlight is too strong, we can still take best care of our skin by heading under roof or in shade or simply by carrying a sun umbrella. 
• Use of SPF ‘sun protection factor’ lotion helps. This SPF lotion protects our skin from harmful UV rays. Remember, even when the sunlight is not too strong or it is not too sunny day, UV rays are present in the atmosphere.
• Covering exposed skin with clothing.
• Wearing hat and using sunglasses.
• Certain tanning pills can higher the chances of developing skin cancer. so it is better to consult with expert doctor and then consume any such pills or medication.
• Even single sunburn can increase risk of developing melanoma which is the deadliest form of skin cancer. Remember a tan skin is never safe. There are people who use tanning beds and they are more likely to develop squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) a type of common skin cancer.
Prevention comes first.

It eliminates the chances of skin cancer detection. That is why it is said that prevention is better than detection. There are many skin cancer clinics where highly expert skin cancer surgeons offer variety of medical services and assistance to all the patients in need. In such skin cancer clinics, bulk billing cancer check service is also offered. People can collect more information by accessing online websites easily.

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