Monday, 19 January 2015

Skin Cancer – Causes and Precautions

Increasing percentage of patients diagnosing with skin cancer is a wakeup call for all of us to know, understand and to be informed about skin cancer, its causes and preventions. Skin cancer refers to the abnormal development or growth of tissues or cells in skin. Skin cancer diseases are threatening. It becomes important to understand what causes cancerous diseases or pre-cancerous diseases:

• The main cause of skin cancer is skin exposure in direct sunlight. UV rays or ultra violet rays are harmful or better to say hazardous for skin. Most people love to go on beaches and they spend more and more time staying under the sun for longer time! This could be risky! Skin exposure into direct and strong sunlight damage skin, burns it and can increase risk of growing skin cancer disease.
• Tanning booths are one of the causes of skin cancer as well.
• There comes some tanning pills and lotion for skin to get artificial tan on skin (as many people love to have that golden and shiny skin tone). These can be risky and can develop skin cancer!

Above are the common causes of skin cancer. Let’s discuss what precaution we must take care of:

• Avoid skin exposure in direct sunlight. Even when the day is not too sunny, UV rays are present in the atmosphere and these can harm skin.
• Use of sunscreen helps protecting skin from UV rays. Sun protection factor products are useful.
• Covering exposed skin with clothing helps as well.
• It is better to consume any type of tanning pills and using tanning lotion only after you consult with your doctor.
• Avoid tanning booths. These can be risky.
• It is important to know your skin. This would help you finding out any sudden or weird changes appearing in your skin.
• Number of mole or moles, dark spots can be cancerous or pre-cancerous. If you notice any such change, you must immediately seek doctor's help.
• Self skin cancer screening is recommended. If you do not know the proper way to perform skin cancer check at home by your own, you can seek help from your doctor. Expert will guide you and educate you about the same.
• Full body check up at-least once in a year is suggested by medical doctors.
• Early detection of skin cancer can significantly helps in curing the disease. And precautions eliminate even the risk of skin-cancer-detection.There are many skin cancer clinics offering varity of medical assistance right from skin cancer screening, diagnosing and examinations, surgeries and treatments. In clinics, bulk billing for skin cancer check is also provided.

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